Valuing children’s self esteem

Aiding orphanages and child care homes in ensuring a child's wholesome development

Orphange Support Program

Orphanage Assistance Initiative

Our venture is focused on improving the quality of life for children living in shelter homes and facing vulnerable circumstances due to the loss of parents, economic hardships, or challenging family dynamics. Through consistent commitment and determined actions, we have already impacted the lives of 107 children in Karnataka and Maharashtra.
Looking ahead to 2030, our aspiration is to broaden our assistance to encompass 320 orphanages and child development centers. This ambitious expansion aims to create a more promising and stable future for approximately 6,000 children.
Children in India

Ensuring holistic child development

To ensure wholesome child development, going beyond childcare

Nutritional support

Nutritional support

Most families wouldn’t leave their children in institutions if they had the right support to care for them. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as orphans, are especially at risk of undernutrition. As a part of our commitment to ensuring the nutritional health of children, we provide adequate nutrition and address various health-related concerns by conducting regular health check-ups and keeping track of children's height, weight, and HB count.

Educational support

Educational support

Because education plays a crucial role in empowering children, we make certain that they receive adequate education. Considering the diverse and intricate social and emotional backgrounds of children in shelter homes, we also account for varying levels of learning, allowing them to progress at their individual speeds. Apart from covering their tuition expenses, we give them school supplies, uniforms, and other necessary items, while also offering supplementary tutorial sessions after school to ensure a high standard of education.

Educational support
Digital Literacy Training

Digital Literacy Training

The importance of computers and the internet in our modern society cannot be emphasized enough. Nearly every facet of our lives is undergoing a transformation into a technologically sophisticated and interconnected world. Our education in digital literacy presents individuals with an opportunity to develop crucial computer skills, unlocking a multitude of potential pathways towards more promising tomorrows.

Life skills

Promoting Vital Life Skills

We are dedicated to promoting enhanced well-being and comprehensive child growth. Our Life Skills Education initiative empowers children to identify and manage demanding circumstances, including caregiving and coping with loss, encouraging a sense of competence and inducing positive behavioral changes. By imparting healthy habits and self-sufficiency, we provide children with the means to lead a purposeful life, nurturing self-confidence and a favorable self-perception. In addition to conventional educational materials, children have the opportunity to engage with inspirational series and autobiographies, enhancing their communication skills and acquiring deep understandings of life's complexities.

Life skills
Capacity building

Enhancing Capabilities

We are dedicated to encouraging the skills of our employees and caregivers through a carefully designed training method. Our goal is to enhance the development and accomplishments of children. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring the safety and happiness of children, empowering care providers with deep knowledge about incorporating child rights awareness into their responsibilities. Prioritizing the well-being of children above all else, our experts excel at nurturing young individuals with unwavering regard and a steadfast commitment to protecting their rights in all aspects.

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Educational Adoption

Support for childrens’ education per year, or in instalments and witness the child achieving its dreams.

Monetary support
By providing financial support, we are able to provide better healthcare, nutrition, and education for children.

Become our corporate partner
If charity is a key value of your company or organisation, then we are the right choice. Let's work together to make the world a happier place for children!

Donate in kind

Children are always in need of clothing and toys, and we would appreciate donations of clothes in a good condition and of a good quality.

Volunteer with us
You can share your valuable time and knowledge with children who will benefit greatly from it. Become a volunteer to experience the joy of selfless work and help children.

Celebrate with us
Make your special occasion even more memorable by celebrating it with our Unicorn children.

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