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Education plays a very significant role in the transformation and development of the individual and society. Street children’s access to education has been one of the biggest challenges India has faced since independence, along with poverty, illiteracy, child labour, caste discrimination, and child marriage. Children living on the street are deprived of education and mental development, and in order to survive, they pick up rags, assist in shops, hotels, restaurants, and do domestic labour. Since their incomes are low and uncertain, the children suffer from malnutrition and poor health.

We believe that the provision of basic education and literacy to all is among the most important contributions that can be made to eradicate poverty. Street children‘s lack of access to education is considered a violation of a fundamental human right. Through our educational support programme, we aim to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, i.e., to provide children with quality and easily accessible education, plus other learning opportunities. It is important that street children are given the opportunity to be educated and are capable enough to stand out in society in the future for themselves and for their families. When they are educated, they can support their families and parents in a more productive way than by begging.

Our Education System

Education Adoption

Through our various education support programmes, we strive to reach out to the most marginalised children of India and enable their access to education, health and protection. Along with quality education, we also facilitate sessions on basic education, alternative and values education, life skills and life goals, child rights, the effects of drug abuse, protection from sexual abuse, primary health care and nutrition.

We work to bring street children back into the education system and make the transition away from street life. Our education support programme includes Gully School, Yuva Kiran, Let’s ReCycle, and Dream Paaya. Providing quality education is of the utmost importance to us, enabling our students to be informed, competent, compassionate, and global citizens. Once the child is identified, the next step is to rescue him/ her from the vulnerable situation, especially in the case of children who are living alone on the street, separated from their families.

We provide children with school starter kits, which include uniforms, books, school bags, and other materials they may need to start their journey into education. The overarching goal is to ensure freedom for children from begging and that they are gradually weaned away from traffic signals and the mainstream in education. We also seek to link the families of these children with sustainable livelihoods so that household economic security is achieved.

Impacts and achievements


needy rural students benefited through a school kit distribution project


needy girl students benefited from Let's Recycle's program, enabling them to travel school efficiently


street and destitute children began their educational journey through Gully school and Yuva kiran program


The Dream Paaya project benefited 1059 students affected by the pandemic


children benefited through scholarship program


A total of 13,985 children were helped through our Education Support Program and various career counseling sessions.

Sponsor A Child

Support for Educational Materials

Support for day to day survival

Support for Educational Fees


Sponsor 2 Children

support for educational materials of 2 children

Support for day to day survival of 2 children

Support for educational fees of 2 children


Sponsor 5 children

Sponsor for Educational Materials of 5 Children

Support for day to day survival of 5 children

support for educational fees of 5 children


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