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Laying a strong foundation for children’s education

Children's Education

When the foundation of a building is strong, no matter how many floors are built upon it, the building will remain strong for many years, and the same should hold true for children, who have good grasping powers during childhood, and we believe that if the foundation is strong right from childhood, it will facilitate a successful career and a bright future.

We all know that in the last 2 years, all students have had to take online education due to COVID, but it has permanently closed the door for many children due to a lack of access to mobile devices and the internet.The lack of a solid foundation will make it very difficult for thousands of these students to pursue further education and succeed.

Together, we can build strong, confident, happy children who grow into strong, confident, equipped and empowered adults.


To help strengthen the foundation of students from tribal and remote areas who are left behind in the curriculum due to the pandemic.

Holistic Benefits for Children

Early childhood initiatives enhance children’s cognitive growth and improve their social, emotional, and behavioural attitudes. With the right kind of nutrition and interaction with adults and other children, children develop quickly, stay healthy and cultivate their basic skills.

Helping Children Thrive

In today’s age, it’s critical that children grow with 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and technology literacy in order to thrive and survive in a global economy. Providing advanced education to assist.


Palghar and other remote areas.

Target Group

Underprivileged children

Main Focus


Project Duration


Regd No.F3894 | Regd under Maharashtra Public Trust Act,1950. 80G No – AACTK0913AF20143 REG DATE – 30/10/2012